Learn How to Oil Paint

How I Discovered Oil Painting

If you are wanting to learn how to oil paint, then this webpage is meant for you. My name is Heather Price and I thought it might be helpful to share my story on how I discovered the great pleasures of oil painting, with others who may be thinking about taking up painting.


Oil Painting Lessons

Learn to Oil Paint

Most people will admit that they are somewhat nervous and reluctant about taking oil painting lessons. Many will also say that they felt overwhelmed once they did get started. This happens because people go into it with unrealistic expectations. Learning to paint is an ongoing process, and you shouldn’t expect to learn everything in a few days or weeks. Andre Grobler taught me many of my techniques.


Selecting Your Oil Paints

Basics of Paint Selection

When painting with oil paints, it is wise to learn the different aspects of oil based paints. Oil paints dry quite slowly and therefore it is very easy to correct errors, or change the direction of your painting.


A Nice Easel Makes a Big Difference

Choosing the Right Easel

Having a secure mechanism in which to support your canvas insures you that your canvas is not moving about while painting. An easel that allows you to adjust the angle in which your canvas sits will also aid you in bringing the correct lighting to your canvas.


Prepping the Canvas
Getting Started

The first thing to do is prep your canvas. Coat the entire canvas with a product called Gesso and allow it to dry to the touch. The time it will take to dry will vary depending on the environment within which you are painting.



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