Oil Painting Lessons

There is probably nobody that has inspired more people to take oil painting lessons than Bob Ross. You may remember Bob for his weekly half hour shows where he would take an oil painting creation from start to finish in 30 minutes. He made it look so enjoyable and easy.
Most people will admit that they are somewhat nervous and reluctant about taking oil painting lessons. Many will also say that they felt overwhelmed once they did get started. This happens because people go into it with unrealistic expectations. Learning to paint is an ongoing process, and you shouldnít expect to learn everything in a few days or weeks.

Others feel that they do not have the artistic talent that they think is necessary to create art. While I will agree that some folks have more god given talent than others, it is not entirely talent that makes for a good oil painting artist.

Painting certainly requires some talent in order to visualize what it is you want to paint. But it also requires skill. It requires learning techniques, and these things can be taught. You most likely are reading this article because you were looking for information on oil painting lessons. So you have already demonstrated that you have an enthusiasm about learning how to do it. You just need the proper instruction.

Here is the reality. Anybody can learn the oil painting techniques, and most people also discover that they have more of an artistic talent than they ever imagined they had. Painting is truly a journey of discovery about oneís self as much as it is a discovery about art.

I think that there are primarily four ways that a person can acquire oil painting lessons. One can make use of resources online by searching for websites or watching the oil painting videos on You Tube. One can also learn from reading books or picking up a home study course. A person could also enroll in a course at a local college that teaches the basics. Another option to learn would be to take private oil painting lessons from an art teacher. Letís discuss these options individually.

There is quite a bit of information available online. Amazon has quite an inventory of books on oil painting. I am sure you could probably find some good titles in your local library as well. This is where I started.

I think I was able to learn at least some basics from the couple of books I picked up, but to be honest, the books bored me. I am more of a visual person and I could only learn so much from the text and pictures.

I know of some people that have hired private teachers for oil painting lessons, but that can get expensive. Most of the private teachers I spoke with had recommended that I take a course that taught me the basics before hiring them. As I said, these private teaching services are expensive, and the line of thinking is that why not learn the basics from a book or a home study course as there is no sense in paying a private teacher to learn the simple stuff.

Another option is to enroll in a course at a college. I did that after reading a couple of books. It was an 8 week course that met one evening a week. The course seemed to move really slow to me. I again found myself bored and somewhat frustrated with the restrictions being placed upon us by the instructor. I am sure she had her reasoning for the way the course was taught, but I donít feel like I really took much from it.

The next form of lessons that I took was a home study oil painting course. It had been recommended to me by someone I had met in the college class. She had felt the same way that I did about the course. She felt confident that I would enjoy the course and loaned me her copy. She was right, and I ordered my own copy after I started watching hers.

The course is taught by a man named Andre Grobler. If you want to learn more about Andre and his Painting My Way course you may do so at this link.

Although I was watching pre-recorded instruction, I felt engaged in what the course was teaching. It not only taught the basics, but then went on to get into some very advanced techniques as well. In sort of took me through the process in a very step by step manner and this had me seeing things as I hadnít up until that point in my learning process.

I then went on to study a course in pencil sketching as well, as I needed some help in that department also. I have recommend both of the courses that I studied here on this website. They are quality courses, and I would not recommend them if I hadnít used them myself, and found them to be of tremendous value.

I think for the most part that I am pretty comfortable and confident with where I am now in my art. I now learn a lot about other artistsí talents, perceptions and techniques by attending art shows. These shows always have an abundance of art being displayed, and the artists are always willing to discuss their work. It is amazing how one can grow in their art simply by being exposed to how others view their own art.

So when it comes to taking oil painting lessons, you have many choices. I am sure you will find what works best for you. Hopefully reading about my personal learning process will help you figure out which direction you want to take.



Painting landscapes is
usually a comfortable place
for a new artist to begin.
Changes can easily be
made if something doesn't
turn out quite like you had
envisioned it.



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